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Daan Draait


Daan Draait is a Rotterdam-based artist who is known for his outrageous performances at the legendary Performance Bar. With his mission to open up people's minds, he often leads the audience into chaotic and immersive experiences, creating bridges to the wildness that hides in all of us. Daan is hosting the stage on Friday as well as presenting a performance on Friday and Saturday,


When feeling is a sin spit emotions

We all carry emotions. But do we allow them to come out? Fluids drool, drip, and erupt from a subconscious place. A work of art is created when barriers of shame are torn down. Every time going deeper into the tube, rinsing, and flushing. Projecting out what comes from deep within. Daan Draait’s spitting art creates a colorful mess from the mouth.

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Daan Draait