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Leeza Pritychenko

Work description

“Movement/Memory: a study" is part of the collaborative project "Echo Field,” a hybrid performance that combines live visuals and dance - an immersive digital environment with choreography, Echo Field celebrates social dance practices as a space for togetherness, play, and imagination. Seeing social dance as a vital element of our collective well-being, the project examines an array of both historical and contemporary references, from the Viennese Waltz to experimentation with virtual club spaces. In its aesthetic expression, Echo Field focuses on sentimentality and the emotional aspect of social dance experiences and how those can find an outlet in and be influenced by online worlds.

A core curiosity of the work is to explore how virtual environments have emerged as a new kind of stage for human interactions in contemporary culture, reflecting memories of real physical spaces but also making places of poetic fantasy tangible. "Movement/Memory: a study" was commissioned by Bogomir Doringer.


Leeza is an Amsterdam-Based digital artist and CG motion designer, whose practice involves interactive installations, AV collaborations with musicians, VJ-ing, and commissions for brands and cultural clients. Her work centers around exploring various aspects of the human condition through the lens of digital media and technology while marrying dark existentialism and the eeriness of the subconscious with storytelling and world-building.

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Leeza Pritychenko