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Lisette Ros


The research of artist Lisette Ros is complementary: towards society, unmasking how collective mechanisms work; conditioned by an understructure rooted in our basic, daily behavior, and most importantly towards herself.

While her performances always carry recognizable elements, she analyses routines and questions conventions, daily rhythms, and their self-evidence. She sees the consequences of socio-cultural praxis that affect us, whilst the peculiar element to her work is that this all cannot exist apart from her persona. Her body is therefore the pivotal space of action, the battlefield where these types of questions are asked; her ground for exploration.

Because, who is she, in the midst of it all?


I Bruise Like a Peach

This work is about the fragility of the body - meaning the quality of being easily broken or damaged - through sensory operation. The artist is researching the internal and external reactions. During the live performance, Ros is challenging and victimizing the fragility and resistance of her body through a sensory operation of detoxification by cupping.

Confrontations will follow, both visible and invisible: bruises, swollen parts, skin changes, facial reactions. The artist believes that these bruises are the signs of visually entering and embracing the field of fragility. These bruises aren’t there to be “covered” or camouflaged, although in the current Western society they are still merely associated with weaknesses and ‘issues’. But what if this is a force to investigate?

The artist will perform a live cupping session on flesh.

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Lisette Ros