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Row is a modular and scalable array of screens that can form various lines of any length and desired shape. Translating raw visuals driven by generative sound, the content itself is being echoed with a slight delay which creates various moving patterns that highlight and reflect the spatial characteristics of the space where it is installed.

A row is a basic way to structure data, from mathematics to twelve notes of the chromatic scale in music. The rows of data floating in the air every second are being converted into messages and voices. Row is about the perception of information, language, and dialogue.


TUNDRA is a multimedia art collective from St.Petersburg, formed in 2013 and focused on creating multisensory spatial experiences by exploring facets of interaction between light, sound, space, and human perception.

We create audiovisual installations and performances using different technologies to transform the surrounding into a dynamic sound and light canvas that can immerse a person in a unique context of perception.

We believe that multimedia art is a space for synergy and exploration that can push people towards new discoveries and ways we interact with the space around us, within us, and between us. TUNDRA collective is known for works presented at festivals and museums of multi-media art in America, Europe, Russia, and Asia.

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