Art festival 2023

Synergy is delighted to announce the much-awaited 2023 Synergy Festival on the 23rd of June, where we bring together a diverse range of art forms and provide a platform to both emerging and established artists to showcase their talents. Our event promises to be an immersive experience where attendees can indulge in a range of art workshops, digital art installations, live performances, and exquisite artworks.

art line-up

The Synergy Foundation bridges the gap between club culture and art and focuses in particular on the public space of the Amsterdam-North district during this first edition. We are convinced that the interaction between art and music is greater than the sum of the effects of art and music achieved separately. In other words: 'One and one equals three. At the Synergy foundation it is not just about art or club culture, but about both components. This bundling creates synergy.


Visitors can access the event in one of the following ways:
● Children up to the age of 12 receive free access.
● Refugees get free acces.
● Visitors with an Amsterdam city pass have free access. The city pass is for low-income residents of Amsterdam.
● We are going to hand out flyers in the postbox of residents around Flevopark. With these flyers, visitors get free access to the festival.
● For visitors with a student pass we ask 5 euros entrance.
● For other visitors we charge an entrance fee of 10 euros. We also see this as an accessible rate for the other target groups.
● The event is wheelchair friendly.

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Flevopark, 1095 Amsterdam, Netherlands