What is Synergy?

Synergy is a term derived from the Greek words "sun" meaning "together" and "ergon" meaning "to work". When two elements reinforce each other, a synergy is created. The art at Synergy is aimed at offering visitors a unique experience and contributing to the liveability and social cohesion of Amsterdam

The Synergy Foundation does not only focus on art or club culture, but combines both aspects to create a unique experience. The aim of the foundation is to provide a platform where visitors can experience and appreciate art and music in a way that goes beyond the traditional art or music experience.

The unique festival is based on the concept of synergy, combining different elements to create something new together. Everything presented at Synergy is based on collaboration and interdisciplinary knowledge. It is not only about the individual power of art, but also about the collective power of art bundling.

Visitors are introduced to the unlimited world of visual art. Participating artists present performances or installations that have been made especially for the Synergy Foundation or that already exist and that fit perfectly with the location and environment of the festival. Interaction and participation are central to all works of art, not only between the technology and the works of art, but also between the visitors and the works of art.

The Synergy Foundation shows the combination of performance art and audiovisual installations. The festival allows performance artists to support their performances in a unique way with art and technology. It is also an opportunity for artists to present their work on a large, multi-day stage, focusing on the transformation of the artworks as day fades into night. This creates a unique experience for the public, where they can see the artworks evolve and change during the festival.

art conditions

The participating artists of Synergy show performances or installations in which the following selection criteria are kept in mind: 

‍ 1. Performances or installations that deal with the concept of synergy. 
2. Interactive performances or works that create synergy between the visitor and the artwork. 
3. Site-specific performances or works that connect with the environment.

In our programming we strive for a balance between the international character of the art program on the one hand and cooperation with local initiatives on the other. We want to bring advanced artists into contact with local talents and we want to offer an interdisciplinary program.

In this way, Stichting Synergy forms an important link between renowned artists and makers, young talent, neighbourhood artists' initiatives and breeding grounds and a wide and diverse audience of lovers of contemporary visual art. Bringing them together in a special location allows smaller collectives and makers to capitalize on the fame of the bigger established names and forge new, unexpected collaborations.

Stichting Synergy offers artists the opportunity to participate in the programming at each exhibition. Any artist can register for this. Our goal is to always include at least one artist from the open call during the exhibition.

social participation

At Stichting Synergy , we want to promote participation and social cohesion through art and culture. We do this, among other things, by choosing a program with artists from different disciplines and backgrounds. We have also chosen to give young people from the neighborhood a stage during Synergy.

In addition, we try to keep entrance very easily approachable for people from the neighbourhood or for people from Amsterdam with a low disposable income. We want our art to be accessible to all.

Visitors can receive access to the event in one of the following ways:
● Children under 12 years old have free entry
● Holders of the Amsterdam city pass
● Free access with a voucher from the Amsterdam-Oost Nieuws newspaper
● Neighbours who have received a entrance voucher
● Students can participate for an entrance fee of 5 euros
● Other visitors can participate for an entrance fee of 10 euros

team synergy

Penny Jane Ros - Rahimzadeh
Allon Kijl
Martijn Diepenhorst
Marley van Groenigen