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Arno Schuitemaker

Work description

Hyperphysical and immersive, the works of Arno Schuitemaker receive praise for the depth he gives to themes that lie at the intersection where the intimate and the universal meet. He is one of the most intriguing performing artists at the moment. His works have been presented at renowned venues and contemporary performing arts festivals in over 25 countries. With OSCAR, Arno Schuitemaker gives a unique perspective on the idea of a portrait.

Everybody carries a story as we move through the different spaces we inhabit. The spaces we are born into, the spaces we find ourselves in and hold for one another, and those we remember and imagine. They shape the multiple dimensions of our identity.

The three solos that comprise OSCAR unite embodied journeys of freedom and empowerment. At Synergy Festival the dancer Ivan Ugrin will perform one of them.

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Arno Schuitemaker