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Work description

Dwellers Between The Waters - the Prelude (2023) is a scene from an upcoming AI-driven film.

Combing artificial intelligence with the practice of magic and alchemy, ‘Dwellers Between the Waters’ seeks possible solutions in response to the traumas of the contemporary anthropos, and examines how artificial intelligence, in terms of artistic practice, remains integral to our contemporary condition, that is, the ever-evolving climate crisis and the sixth extinction of species coupled with wars, inflation, capitalist exploitations.

By evoking, cultivating, and connecting various forms of consciousness in the virtual realms, the film invites the ‘dwellers’ who inhabit in and among ‘realities’ to share their stories and experiences, which then feed back to the (so-called) reality as evolving strings materializing across both physical and virtual domains to (hopefully) bring novel perspectives for further change.

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