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Ernest Bessems


My father used to tell me that I should not worry about the rain because most of it falls beside me. In my work I precisely focus on the rain that falls on me, I always have. Since I was younger I have always wondered how my thoughts connect to my physical experience. In my work, I always combine different artistic disciplines. I express inner values through a coherent combination of image and movement. I try to express and visualize timeless and universal feelings and experiences by means of a personal idiom. I want to get to the core of my work and fascinations. I want to bring all aspects of my work together in an uncut landscape of thoughts and feelings.


The collector, a performance with sculpture, body, and space. It is about a social Friction in which the older generation imposes the way they live on the younger generation. In this stiff transfer, outdated habits and manners are maintained and try to build themselves in. I reflect on how I grew up and my parents raised me. A reflection on how I experience. society. In the performance, I show how I dealt with these experiences and feelings and how I confronted them.

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Ernest Bessems