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Imke Zeinstra


Imke Zeinstra is a Dutch performance artist who lives in Berlin. In 2015, she graduated from AKV| St. Joost Breda in Fine Arts. She creates images that capture every day while alluding to the past.

Finding inspiration in advertisements as well as old myths, her playful commentary demands the question: What does it mean to be female? Perhaps it’s not even a question of being female but of being human. By exposing the psychological or even the emotional against the rational, her performances reveal the universal desire to be loved. She represents the inner struggle between the desire to be gracious and admired, and the destructive side that breaks through that obsession again. Her work depicts a pleasurable beauty that slowly unfolds to the powerlessness that balances between horror and pleasure. 


At the beginning of 2020, she started an Artist in Residence where she began experimenting with the color blue. On Blue Monday she made a performance with blue crêpe paper. Followed by the lockdown in March where she created another performance in blue continuing the explore the feelings of blues, loneliness, and being quarantined. Locking up the child or animal inside of us, desperate to come out.

Blue makes us feel lonely, at the same time it’s the color of the sky and ultimate freedom while also a clinic color used in hospitals. This performance represents the struggles and feelings we all have felt over these past two years.

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Imke Zeinstra