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Lena Kuzmich

Work description

"Screensaver" is an animated photomontage  – assembled with content found online and photographs collected from daily encounters.

Invented to prevent phosphor burn of CRT monitors also known as „ghost image“ screensavers initially served the function of impeding screen damage from overload and repetition. The work playfully studies the screensaver by applying this initial purpose as a metaphor for contemporary human life.

How do we as the human species prevent damage through encumber and ennui, cope with mortality, and enjoy life? Taking the viewer on a visually intricate journey "Screensaver" starts off in a horror attraction park, slowly zooming out into the intestines of machinery, vaguely unraveling life’s puzzling riddles.


Lena Kuzmich (they/no pronouns) is a non-binary and multidisciplinary artist. 

Their work, a fluid remix of photographic and videographic fragments, sketches visions of multi-species worlds. Imaginative landscapes, hybrid representations of bodies, and technology all become a portal beyond preconceived notions about the world and our identity in it.

Within their practice, they strive for trans-disciplinary approaches with research based on multi-disciplinary hopping. Eclectically, they collect contents from science, art, social

theory, pop culture, subcultures, and historical myths to assemble collage-like worlds through the use of various editing software. Found footage is combined with own creations and photographs to assemble new contexts and stories. In their work, imagery from „obscure“ internet forums meets that from scientific databases in an aim to dissolve scientific hierarchies and constraining cultural narratives.

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Lena Kuzmich