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Work description

"I FELL ASLEEP ON MINUTE 6”  has been an in-depth exploration of our collective psyche through researching our dreams. The piece revolves around the act of Dream-Excavation: diving into the content and form of dreams as a way of poetically exploring both the individual and collective subconscious. We departed from a shared curiosity about the two-phase sleep pattern of medieval times, the uncanny essence of dreams, and the incredible dream documentation of Dion McGregor. Over a few weeks, we recorded our dreams in the freshest form possible: at the very second of waking up from it. The outcomes were everlasting yawns, hypnotizing vocal fries, shredded speeches, and absurdist storylines. Using the words and vocal qualities of our dreams, we composed this work using means of collage, pastiche, and layering. 


RE:MASTER OPERA is a young artist collective that emerged from a temporary program of the Sandberg Instituut with the goal of examining the particular strategies of artistic communication that are distinctive to opera—mainly its multidisciplinary structure and the relationships between sound, image, and text within the unique space of unreality.

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