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Roberta Riontino


Roberta was born in Canosa di Puglia, Italy ( 1997). She started dancing at 4 in a private school in her hometown. At nineteen, she participated in a contemporary dance program in Rome. After one year she took part in a professional contemporary dance company in Milan choreographed by Macia Del Prete. At the age of 22, she moved to Amsterdam, where she started to do commercials and dance movies with different choreographers. She also started to teach open classes and classes for private programs. Currently, she is working for a dance production in Amsterdam with performances in Hoorn with the choreographer Jort Faber.


Art can be difficult and sometimes even a little intimidating for the casual viewer. It is considered understandable only for experts, but fortunately, it is not true at all. Have you ever stopped to observe a work of art? Observation arises from curiosity, that of knowing, knowing, and understanding. Ask about the who, what, when, how, and why. After which the imagination takes over, a container of images and sensations in the absence of things, objects, or matter.

Imagination feeds art and the contours of what cannot be seen descend from art. All that is superior in man, the invisible inner spaces, the views of our spirituality and of our deepest will, are the happy outcome of all the figures that cross our minds. My project consists in giving shape and making the protagonist the deepest, hidden, and sometimes the perverse part that tends not to show itself, going against any prejudice and criticism.

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Roberta Riontino