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Robuche - Drawing workshop


Robuche is born from the fusion of the two forces of Lou Buche and Javier Rodriguez (1991). Robuche is a quick thinker that translates ideas into images in unconventional ways. Parasites the formats exploring the porosity of the media, reorganising and distorting the established production flows to develop its own language at the intersections of art and design. Endless forms of conversation and experimentation are at the core of the work.

Everything is an image. Energetic visualisations are executed as drawings, paintings, sculptures and design artefacts.


For our drawing workshop, participants will embark on a captivating creative journey, selecting keywords and drawings to construct their own unique narrative. With the aid of A4 sheets featuring printed frames and grids, attendees will visually structure their stories, receiving guidance and support from our team. The workshop encourages exploration of a wide range of drawing techniques and tools, including markers, colored pencils, fineliners, and more. As a culmination of the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to compile their narratives into a personalized publication. Additionally, alongside the participants, we will also be creating our own drawings and publications, providing an exciting possibility to blend or compile them with the participants' creations.

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