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Supa Dupa


Phase One (John van der Star) is an old hand in the field of analog video installations and video art. Since 1991 he has been making installations at major events and was an important part of the visuals of Mysteryland, Innercity, Thunderdome, MTV, ID&T, and Sensation, among others. Analog technology has no secrets for him.

Supa-Dupa Studio (Menno van Willigenburg) is a Creative Studio. Supa-Dupa makes installations of old analog televisions for events and video clips. Chances are that you have seen his work in video clips by well-known Dutch artists such as Maan, Sevn Alias, Idaly, Flemming, and Sigourney.


Vintage Video is a co-production by Phase One and Supa-Dupa Studio.

Vintage video will be making an unmissable video installation of 70 old TV screens, especially for No Art. Expect old images from Amsterdam's rave culture, combined with atmospheric images and contemporary art images. It may well be that you can also see yourself on the screens.

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Supa Dupa