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Work description

Witches is a cyberfeminist constellation formed by Ines DeRu (ID/ES, 1998), ella hebendanz (DE, 1997), and pamela varela (MX/EU, 1995). Embodying the witch as the rebellious feminist, we hack our way into the patriarchal technoscientific field to express a more diverse(ifying) view on technology and create sensorial experiences that enhance human connection.

We use technology in contact with our bodies, envisioning it as a tool for contemporary magick, while exploring the power dynamics between human and machine. Getting inspiration from our diverse origins, we link back to our roots, while creating a new network of healing and care.


Ωma is ohms: resistance—an electrical, political, and physical force. Channeling the flow of voltage, we connect to the electric impulses of each other's bodies, thus, making the pulsating sound of electricity come alive. Calling on the elements to contain the electric charge, we dance in between a battle of polarities. Our movements are marked by the sensation of gravitation and repulsion, synchronicity and opposition. Closing the circuit in moments of touch through our linked skins, we eventually open up the circle for the audience and invite them to join our stronghold. Ωma is a sonic dance performance dedicated to the fusion of polarities and the communal rite of togetherness.

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